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Media Access Device (MAD) Support

What is Media Access Device (MAD) Support? It's similar to an extended warranty offered by retailers, except it's much better because it covers more. Most of the similar plans will protect the device in it's original format and configuration, but if you make any changes like adding a third party apps for example, it will void the protection. MAD will cover all that, including the jailbroken devices and also support the third party software like Kodi, all for a small one-time fee. So if you already have a TV Stick this will work great for you.  Includes support for all addon verions, in the line up, tvaddons, Fusion, Kodi applications (15.0, 16.1 Jarvis and 17.0, 17.1 and above.  APK and other application support services included.  

Which Devices Are Covered?

At this time we service Amazon Fire TV Stick but we are working on extending our coverage to Apple TV and Google Chrome Stick in the near future, so please stay tuned for more exciting offers from Bleustream! Here are the plans and prices:

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Best Value
MAD Basic MAD One MAD Two MAD Three
Price FREE $4.95 $9.95 $34.95
Access to Private
Member Section
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Online Support Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support Yes Yes
Hardware Support Yes