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Many users get so wrapped up in all the great video and movie content available through the Fire Stick, that they forget about the music!

With the Amazon Music app for Fire TV, you can listen to music you've purchased from Amazon or uploaded to My Music from another device. If you're an eligible Prime member, you'll also see featured categories designed to help you discover music included with Prime. Or, if you have an active subscription, you can listen to all the songs included with Amazon Music Unlimited.

Music Apps


From your Fire TV app store you can also download your favorite music apps like Spotify, Pandora, Sound Cloud and many others. And with KODI installed, you’ll have access to even hundreds more. Beyond the many great apps that come loaded on KODI, you can also install many other great music apps. If you’re willing to do a bit extra to install them, these are definitely worth setting up.

#1 Music Box

Music Box

Music Box has become one of the most popular music apps for KODI and has proven to be a solid install. It has features very similar to Spotify with huge playlists, charts and albums.

#2 Rave Player

Rave Player

Rave Player is a Kodi music add-on that can stream live Radio, Pirate Radio, old school hardcore, acid house, hardcore, jungle, drum n bass, and tons more up to present day.

#3 World Radio

World Radio

As the name suggests, World Radio has music streams from around the world, including oldies 80s/90s, top 40s, country, RnB, Dance Techno, Rock / Classic Rock / alternative, Chillout / lounge, Jazz, Classical, Live Radio and Christmas Music.

#4 House Mixes

House Mixes

House Mixes is a Kodi Music plugin that has a lot of good music from the latest mixes to the most popular. You can search by genre, featured tracks and latest tracks.

#5 You Music

You Music

You Music is another great way to find your favorite songs. It has videos and audio quality music sources from all major music genres. You’ll find Pop, Rock, Hiphop, Country, Alternative, Asian, Christian and lot more.